Rabbi "Birdie" Becker


Roberta “Birdie” Becker received her Master in Rabbinic Studies and Ordination from AJR-CA.  She holds a B.A., M.S. W. and M.Ed. from the University of Missouri and a PhD in Education from Summit University of Louisiana. Having studied with and received private ordination from Cantor Uri Neil, she served as cantor for several Colorado congregations including Congregation Beth Shalom (Littleton), Ohr Shalom (Grand Junction),  and since 2001, Temple Emanuel (Pueblo), where she currently serves as rabbi. She also currently serves as president of the Rocky Mountain Cantors Association and as “Rabbi On Call” for B’nai Havurah: The Colorado Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, a position she has filled over the years for several Denver congregations. A long-time Jewish educator, she teaches children and adults in religious schools, private tutoring and b’nai mitzvah studies and has been an innovator for community and adult education classes. Last summer, Birdie became one of seven ‘Mile High Storahtelling Mavens’; trained individuals who incorporate innovative translations, dramatic commentary, modern stagecraft and live music into traditional Torah chanting.  In addition, Birdie has a prolific career in the performing arts.  As cellist for the violin-cello duo “Apples and Honey”, she performs throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  She danced with the Shelhevet Performance Troupe of Cleveland, the Denver Shibolem Israeli Folk Dance Ensemble, and has choreographed and performed for musical theater productions throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regions. Birdie’s commitment to the Jewish community is equally impressive and she was honored by Denver B’nai Brith for her 12 years of administrative service.  

 Visit Rabbi Birdie's website at www.rabbibirdiebecker.weebly.com